Flourished Calligraphy Layouts

This project-based class is a guided demonstration of a flourished calligraphy layout using an iPad Pro and Procreate. The demonstration is start-to-finish, and filled with my commentary every step of the way.

3D Lettering Effect in Photoshop

Learn to make a beautiful, 3D text effect in Photoshop. I'll show you how to use your own hand lettering or any digital typeface. You will learn to use smart objects and non-destructive layer styles to create a design that is fully customizable and a stunning effect.


Mastering iPad Lettering

This is a comprehensive course on the essentials of hand lettering with Procreate on the iPad Pro. I share my favorite techniques for some of the most popular and fun lettering effects, as well as tips and shortcuts for a smooth workflow.

Fauxaics in Procreate

Learn how to make digital mosaics on your iPad. This is a fun illustration technique that has soared in popularity in recent years. Not only are fauxsaics really fun to make, but the end result is extremely eye-catching and rewarding.


The Business of Calligraphy

This class, presented in a relaxed, conversational format, will help you navigate the best business practices and pricing strategies for your freelance business. I share the hard-earned insights I've gained over the past 10 years, to answer the most frequently asked questions about owning a calligraphy business.

Digitizing Calligraphy

In this course I present my favorite techniques for turning ink-on-paper calligraphy into polished, digital artwork. You’ll start by sketching letters and flourishes in pencil, then ink your design in calligraphy. Next, you’ll bring your design into the computer and polish it further in Photoshop, before finally vectorizing it in Illustrator.


Chalk Hand Lettering Effect

Scan a pencil sketch of your hand lettering and, like magic, turn it into realistic looking chalk lettering using Photoshop. This is a super fun, fast, and easy technique for beginners and pros alike. Neither chalk nor previous Photoshop knowledge is required.

Squarespace Programming Hacks

If you do any type of online marketing, you know that a robust email list is a very powerful tool. In this class, I share 5 invaluable programming hacks for capturing your site visitors’ email addresses and promoting free materials, coupon codes, and exclusive content.


“Molly is a superb teacher who will keep you captivated from beginning to end. Seldom have I had the pleasure of listening to someone teach with the degree of fluency which Molly seems so naturally to possess.”

— SALLIE B., student in my iPad Lettering course