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Cocoa & Calligraphy: Winter Workshop Schedule


I'm offering Beginner and Intermediate Modern Calligraphy classes in Boston and Maine this December and January.

Calligraphy is a peaceful, meditative art form, which may be why I so love teaching calligraphy workshops in the wintertime. Especially in New England, right around the New Year, when there are snow flurries out the window and everyone has trekked through the cold to come together, there's nothing like sipping hot cocoa and learning to letter. So join me this winter for cookies, cocoa, and calligraphy. Or, gift a ticket to someone dying either to learn or to improve their novice skills!

Get Your Ticket. Gift A Ticket.


Class Descriptions


Modern Calligraphy for Beginners 

Absolutely no previous calligraphy experience is required. Whether you will be picking up a calligraphy pen for the very first time or are seeking hands-on instruction to enhance your existing, beginner-level calligraphy skills, this class is right for you!

This workshop is three hours long and covers all the basics of modern script calligraphy, from holding the pen to writing the complete lowercase alphabet. The workshop is hands-on using traditional materials: pointed nibs, pen holders and ink. All the supplies you'll need for the workshop, including a beautifully-packaged kit and letter guide booklet for you to keep, are included in the ticket price:

  • 3 hours of instruction with Molly Suber Thorpe

  • 2 pen nibs 

  • 1 straight pen holder 

  • 1 oblique pen holder 

  • 1 jar of black ink

  • 1 pad of quality practice paper

  • 1 baseline and italic line guide

  • Plurabelle's own resource and letter specimen booklet

  • Coffee, tea, cocoa, and light refreshments


Early Intermediate Modern Calligraphy: White Ink!

Whether you've taught yourself or learned from a teacher, if you can hold a calligraphy pen and write full words then this class is right for you. You do not need to have years of experience. (If you've ever taken one of my beginner workshops then you definitely qualify!) If you're unsure whether the class is suitable for your level, contact me.

This workshop is three hours long and covers some of modern calligraphy's most fun, popular techniques. You'll learn to write with white ink, achieving opaque lettering on dark paper. Emphasis will be placed on connecting letters, plotting layouts, and playing with letterforms. We will also cover business tips for common issues faced by working calligraphers. All the supplies you'll need for the workshop are included in the ticket price:

  • 3 hours of instruction time with Molly Suber Thorpe
  • 1 jar of opaque white ink
  • 1 white pencil
  • 2 different pen nibs 
  • 1 pen holder (but feel free to bring your own if you have a favorite!)
  • 1 pad of quality black paper
  • Plurabelle's own resource and letter specimen booklet
  • Coffee, tea, cocoa and light refreshments