USC Lecture: Calligraphy & Hand Lettering

Back in April I had the opportunity to give a lecture at USC's Roski School of Fine Arts. The subject was calligraphy and hand lettering with a slant toward graphic designers who aim to incorporate handmade type into their digital work. Unlike other lectures and workshops I've led in the past, given this audience, I was able to go beyond the paper realm and delve into the nitty gritty details of digitizing hand lettering, answering all the geeky questions about bézier curves and pixel depth the students could throw at me. It was so much fun to meet a room full of young designers who approach their design work from wildly different angles but have a common love of all things typography.

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{ All calligraphy by Plurabelle | Photography by Malktime Photography Special Thanks to the USC Roski School of Fine Arts and Andrew Kutchera }