Tess & Peter

Every so often I'm asked to do a project that seems so strange out of the context it's intended for, that I have trouble imagining how it could possibly work. That was the case when Beth Helmstetter came to me and asked me to calligraph guest names with corresponding table numbers onto the far left ends of 75 eighteen-inch strips of thin paper. It was such a mystifying request that even when she explained that they would be bookmarks hanging out the tops of books, I still couldn't really picture it. Then I saw the photos. Wow! Beth did an awesome job with this set up. I'm just blown away by how beautiful it looks!

As for the menus, awhile back I posted about them, before I'd even seen them in the context of the wedding itself. They were calligraphed by me and then hand-painted by Kristy Rice of Monumental Designs.

{ Calligraphy: Plurabelle Calligraphy / Menu painting: Monumental Designs / Event planning & styling: Beth Helmstetter Events / Photography: Amy & Stuart }