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Workshop Announcements & Glimpses Behind the Scenes

Instagram Lately: May 2014


Clockwise from top left:

• Photography studio Vera in August applied the logo I recently designed for them onto wooden USB drives. (Photograph by Vera in August.)

• A peek behind the scenes: the process of envelope addressing from a pile of handwritten lists and Excel sheets to a neat stack of calligraphed envelopes.

• From sketch to polished calligraphy: lyrics from a client's wedding song calligraphed in black with shimmering gold accents

• A snapshot of my May 17th boston workshop

• White on black – my all-time favorite combination!

• A passage by my favorite author, Virginia Woolf, from her book The Waves. When I took the snapshot of it outside on my porch, the railing cast a beautiful — and oddly appropriate — shadow across the paper.

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